[March 2.009]
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Years ago... a mute boy lead astray dreamed about forming a rock band, basically to express his feelings towards the world.

He started to create 'a new language', a way through which the 'personal' managed to expand, but without the common filter of prejudice and conventionalism. EL NIŅO MUDO was born.

Doing everything in its own way, its independent music is born from inspiration. Its gigs recreate an intimate world full of emotions reflecting energy, power and creativity: Live sincerity. Even now, after three years of rehearsals, various insults, live gigs and the leave of various members, the drive behind the band still is Alex van Dyk a.k.a. Alex de Soto (ex-Dutch "IN RUINS" drummer).

EL NIŅO MUDO continues its journey having two young but talented musicians joining in:
Alberto Sierra on guitars & Álex de la Vela a.k.a. Araña completing the band, as lead vocalist and bassist.

Although suffering from the band's changes, the focus and the strength remain. The band is clearly turning a different corner, broadening their horizon by applying new styles of playing and, especially, listening.

The trio have recorded their first CD together: "CONTRADICCIONES". Ten songs about feelings of life, emotions, reality and its contradictions. Some songs can be heard on the band's MySpace sites.

Included as bonus track is the song "Angel of love", an acoustic song sung by Maggie Emma Reeze backed up by Álex de Soto.

Fotografía: Nacho Rossich


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Alex en 2005 -España-